Where am I now

Our application where am I, allows you to find your location on the map.

Check where are you right now, with our free and easy to use application.

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How it works?

Our 'WHERE AM I' application allows you to see your current position. Simply allows our API to find your location. You will see the result in a moment.

GPS Coordinates.

'WHERE AM I' also provide to it users (DMS) Degrees, minutes, and seconds coordinates. Scroll down and find your GPS coordinates. You can share it with others.

Interval update?

We are updating our API call every 10 seconds. That's means that you will be able to track your location even if you are moving somewhere. Check it now!

Free to use.

'WHERE AM I' provide to it users free to use the software. We are also providing API for commercial use. For that purpose please contact us and let's discuss details.


GPS Coordinates

Sexagesimal Latitude

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Have you ever been in a situation you really needed to know where you are at because you got lost, couldn’t find a way, tell the taxi a pick-up address or just wanted to share your location with your family and friends but didn’t know how? If you answered any of these questions “yes” then this is your lucky day.

We bring you a simple and fast solution. Go to www.where-am-i.me, click on the “Allow” button and your location will show in a minute on the map. Easy, right? Thanks to the “Where am I” app you will not only be able to locate yourself on the map but you will also see the name of the country, the state and the city you are currently in. Moreover, it will show you the exact address with all the necessary information such as latitude, longitude and your GPS coordinates.

So how it all works? By allowing the application to detect your position, an API call helps us to precise your coordinates in order to provide you with the information you are looking for. But don’t worry, the application does not use any interval update which means it will not be automatically locating your position but only during the time of using the app.

And last but not least, it’s all free. The application is created for everyone with regard to help you.